To make your work with the template easier, I've made short video tutorials. They cover both easier and more complex topics.


The illustrations change with screen size.

Video length: 0:12s

The illustrations adapt to the text content that you use.

Video length: 0:11s

Overview of possibilities - Single Project Layouts.

Video length: 1:04s

Overview of possibilities - Single Blog Post Layouts.

Video length: 1:33s

Changing menu photos part 1:

Default menu photos.
Video length: 0:27s

Default menu photo should be changed on each page - it works locally for a given page.

1. Go to the page whose default menu photo you want to change.
2. Select the menu symbol.
3. Change the default menu photo.


Changing menu photos part 2:

Menu items photos.
Video length: 0:53s

Photo of each menu item needs to be set just once, and it will work on any page - it works globally for the whole website.

1. Go to any page, and go inside the menu symbol.
2. Find the menu item whose photo you'd like to change.
3. Change the photo.


Adding a new menu item.

Video length: 1:06s

1. Copy an existing menu item.
2. Change the text of the new item.
3. Change the photo of the new item.
4. Change the link of the new item.


Changing the template's colors.

Using the style guide page.
Video length: 0:28s

1. On the Style Guide Page, select the color that you want to change.
2. Edit the color and save the change.
3. Don't forget to save the changes on the page (Ctr+S / ⌘+S).


Changing the text content of the scrolling message.

Video length: 0:38s

1. Change the text of the first text element.
2. Remove the second text element.
3. Copy the first text element.
4. Paste it in the place where the second text element was.

Still need help?

If you have a question regarding editing the template, or its functioning, one that isn't covered in the video tutorials above - I'll do my best to help you, just let me know at silverrost.webflow@gmail.com